About Us:
Selection of Chabahar region as a future petrochemical hub by the Iranian Government, and taking advantage of the outstanding strategic position of that region were the main incentives for choosing the Free Trade-Industrial Zone of Chabahar as the location for Mokran Petrochemical Complex.
Accordingly, Negin Mokran Development Company (NMDC) was established and designated as master developer of the project; in effect taking the responsibility of creation and development of Iran’s third petrochemical hub. Covering an area of approximately 1,200 hectares, Mokran Petrochemical Complex consists of four urea-ammonia plants, four methanol-ammonia plants, four methanol plants, two olefin plants, one aromatics plant, one methanol-to-propylene plant and one crystal melamine plant plus three sections reserved for construction of additional plants and nine sections reserved for construction of 30 downstream units.
NMDC is in charge of creating the infrastructures (acquiring land, preparing the foundations for the complex), construction of concentrated utility services, and construction and development of storage, tanks and terminals. National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) is in charge of constructing the 7th (natural gas) pipeline, 902 KM of which has been completed from Asaluyeh to Iranshahr and the remaining 340 KM is under construction from Iranshahr to Chabahar. From there, NMDC will construct a 15 KM extension to the site of the complex (NIGC will compensate NMDC for the expenses by adjusting the price of gas). NMDC is also in charge of construction of a 1070 KM ethane pipeline from Asaluyeh to Chabahar as feed for the olefin plants within the complex.
Upon completion of the project, NMDC will manage the distribution of the utility services, the product pipeline, storage, tanks and terminals, as well as managing the civic affairs of the complex.
NMDC has thus far spent about US$60 million for completing several tasks, including: completion of conceptual, technical and economic feasibility studies; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for acquiring related permits from the responsible agencies; leveling and foundation work on the land; providing water and electricity, constructing access roads; surface runoff channeling network …
Total projected production capacity of the complex will be 25 MTPY, a considerable part of which will be exported with the rest being either used as feed for other plants and downstream units within the complex or shipped to domestic markets. With total projected expense of about US$ 12 billion, total annual income is estimated at about US$ 14 billion.
Twenty-year tax and tariff exemption, more than 1000 KM reduction in shipping distance (as compared with average distance from inside the Persian Gulf), being the major trade corridor to land-locked Central Asian markets, direct access to the Indian Ocean, being outside of the Persian Gulf and strait of Hormuz and thereby not subjected to the related regional tensions and many other advantages are why NMDC has been able to secure several contracts with investors with total projected investment value of about US$4.5 Billion.
By bringing employment and development to the region and creating attractive opportunities for our investors, we believe that the future can only become brighter.