The main benefits of Chabahar For projects
  • Commercial and Industrial Free Zone:
A tax exemption for 20 years And many exemptions and benefits for customs and trade and investment
  • Significant discounts on petrochemical feed rates:
10% off - Placement in less developed areas
10% off - Completion of the value chain until the second stage
10% off - Completion of the value chain up to the third stage
  • Direct Access to the Ocean
Having two ports with a capacity of approximately 70 thousand tons (Suitable for large ships with a capacity of up to 100 000 tons)
  • One of the main corridors of the world
The nearest and easiest way to free access to water for Central Asian countries and Afghanistan.(According to the UN, one of the most important ways of Chabahar and southernmost of the corridor is the East-West Corridor)
  • Located on the pristine beaches of Mokran
Use of strategic and special Mokran coast capacity that development of this is macro policies and guidelines strong of the Supreme Leader.
  • Manpower potential
Low wages and the possibility of providing human resources of the region
  • Stay away from crowded and tense Persian Gulf region
  • The existence of basic infrastructure and the connection to the homeland
With the airport, the national gas pipeline, there are three major universities, there are two large port. Connection to the railroad, transit country road access, connection to the homeland, the weather is always spring