ChabaharTrade-Industrial Free Zone

1) Chabahar Free Zone

a) Headquarters
Administrational bldg.-commercial & Industrial Free Zone Organization-Chabahar Free Zone
b) Tehran Office
2st floor- No. 143- next to 29th St.-Khaled Eslambooli St.-Tehran
Post code:9921758711

2) Geographical Location
As large as 14,000 ha, Chabahar Free Zone is located and established at east Chabahar gulf, in the vicinity of Chabahar Port City and Oman sea and 70th km of Pakistan border. Some part of its land area has been allocated for industrial activities while the rest part has been earmarked for trade, commercial services, residential, tourism and green area activities.
As complementary cycle of eastern transit route of country, thanks to its specific status, Chabahar Free Zone is considered as development of eastern route in national dimension and as a communication bridge of central Asian states and southeastern Asian countries in ultra-national dimension for entrance to the global markets coupled with moving in tandem with globalization. It should be noted that Chabahar Free Trade Zone enjoys specific Strategic and prominent situation. It is regarded as an important gate of country for entering international waters and also origin of noncompetitive transit routes with vast lands and also with investment opportunities in various fields.
On the other hand, its specific climatic condition, brilliant sun in all season of year, azure waters and coastal areas and also natural beauties in this region is enough scenery that has turned Chabahar into a model and exemplary tourism hub of the region. Location of monsoon winds of Indian subcontinent (known as monsoon) Chabahar Free Zone has been turned into the coldest southern region of the country in summer season and the hottest point in winter seasons thanks to ever breezing of Oman Sea and Indian Ocean.
On one hand, it is regarded as gate of country for entrance to the international waters and origin of noncompetitive transit routes with vast land areas and with investment opportunities in different areas. On the other hand, its specific climate condition, bright sun in all seasons of year, azure water and natural attraction in this region has turned Chabahar Free Zone as a model and exemplary tourism hub of country.
It should be noted that Chabahar Free Zone enjoys fair and pleasant climate condition in some season of year.

3) Tourism Attraction
There are natural and wonderful phenomena in this region which makes every observers do nothing but praise these natural masterpiece. We hereby point out to few of these admirable and natural works as well as few important and historical monuments

Hara Jungles: These jungles are located alongside the Gwatre Gulf which have made suitable residence for valuable species of seabirds such as flamingo, eagle, heron etc.

Cliff Shores: Waves hitting the rocks and wearing out the sedimentary layers of the shores of Oman Sea , especially the southern parts of Chabahar , have proven an attractive and unique landscape which is regarded one of the most astonishing shores of the south of Iran . These natural phenomena resemble a nature hand- made aquarium which has had the various specious of fish to live in

Chabahar Gulf: Chabahar Gulf is one of the places where beautiful rays of the sun on the sea displays the special patterns of the creation. This Gulf reposes extremly calm in the lap of the oceanic waves different to what someone has so far seen

Lipar Lagoon: This lagoon is closeto Ramin village and 15 kilometers far from the east of Chabahar in direction of coastal road of Chabahar to Gwatre. Presence of the birds such as stroke , peacock , partridge and white heron and grey one has made the beauties of this lagoon double

Bahookalat River: This river is one of the rivers in Sistan and Baloochestan province , full of water and the main factor of wild life in this region. The river is located by 90 Kilometers far from the south of Chabahar and enters the Gwater gulf in Oman sea. There is a kind of short-muzzle crocodile living in this river which is called " Gando " in local language

Martin Mounts: These mounts are also known as Miniature Mountains . They have been stretched out parallel to the sea, starting from Kachoo up to the proximity of Gwater Gulf. These Martian Mount are extremly beautiful and considered as the symbols of the unique geo-morphological phenomena of this region of the country

Gelfeshan Hill: This wonderful and natural hill exist in the west of the Chabahar city. By erupting and mud up and raising the gas from the deep of the earth , this astonishing phenomenon attracts every visitors attention to itself. There is no herbaceous plant growing up around this phenomenon.

Tis Fortress Portuguese Fortress: This fortress is located on a hill along the Chabahar - Tis road and far from Chabahar city by 6 kilometers . The fortress is constructed in 34*59 meters. The materials used in this fortress are bricks , stones , a kind of plaster cast and lime . The gate is located in the east , and the fortress comprehends a big vestibule with numerous rooms , a private veranda , a cistern , ramparts , well , etc. This sign of two ramparts , founded on the cube shape like a room with veranda can be seen from the dais. these ramparts may have been used as watch-towers and lighthouse. The history of this fortress dates back to Islamic era

Historical Port Village of Tis: This village is nine kilometer far from the North of Chabahar City and it is situated in the opening mouth of Chabahar Gulf. This ancient village was mentioned in the works of historians of the first Islamic centuries. Moghadassi , the historian of the fourth century of Hijra ( Islamic Calendar ) has written that Tis or Tiz is a small port , but very habitable and highly flourishing. This village is located in the direction of south shores of Iran . Tis used to be considered as the commercial center for sugar and wheat of both Makran and Sistan province in those days too

Al-e- Rasool Hosaiyniya: This building is located in the traditional quarter of Chabahr city near the sea. This old and religious place includes a small court yard , hosaiyniya hall and a back yard. Beautiful and architectural decorations have been made inside and outside the building. This old building was constructed at the era of Qajaria dynasty

Tomb of Sayed Gholam Rasoul: Dating back to 800 years , this religious , cultural and historical tomb with a high dome is situated in the margin of northern side of Chabahr city. Outward appearance of dome on the roof has four short minarets. These minarets are decorated with simple plaster molding. The altar and rooms of the tomb have wonderful decoration dressed with Iranian pastor . Painting of flowers embossed on the walls of the altar draw the attention of everybody to their beauties. Painting and decorations inside the tomb are pertaining to the architecture of Safavi dynasty

Old Telegraph Building ( Telegraphic Office ): This building is one of the oldest available stone buildings in Chabahar. The stone inscription on the forehead of building shows the date of 1845 A.D , which was constructed by the English for promotion of business , marine affairs and connection between India , Gwater, Jask and Bandar Abbass

Caves and Banmasity Temple: This complex includes two natural and an artificial caves which are located in Tis village on the slope of Shabaz Mountain . Ban is a pious man's name and Masity is that of temple. These caves used to be for the worship and religious or official ceremonies .

Gwater Castle: This castle is located in the farthest east of the North of Iran , in the direction of coastal road of Gwater-Chabahar on the top of the Hill. There are an ancient graveyard and a well in this area. The discovered earthen wares and postsherds in this place belong to the third millennium of B.C

Trade Centers: There are numerous and flourishing business markets in Chabahar Free Zone receiving warmly the distinguished tourists and investors . Pardis , Salehyar, Sadaf , Ferdowsi and Tis are of these markets.

4) Training and Educational Centers
Establishment of the free zone and construction of essential and needed infrastructure for cultural and scientific development have provided the bases for foundation of the international university. This very important objective is very clear evidence for an undeniable effect of CFZ on the promote development of economy , culture and society in Chabahar city.
By taking advantages of essential and applicable standards of creditable foreign and demotic universities on one side and by taking into account the modern concepts and methods , on the other side , and by offering the higher education and finally by creating foundation for training the well-qualified and specialized man power is region through researches, technological studies , the international University of Chabahar has commenced its activities . In this universities there are Bachelor's degree of computer and information system , management , management of information system , management and economy , banking and finance , management and commerce.

5) Infrastructures
Infrastructural Installation in Chabahar Trade and Industrial Zone
Shahid Beheshti jetty : This jetty , with 18000 square meters sheltered warehouse, comprehends the capacity of receiving the vessels of 100000 gross tonnages
Shahid Kalantari jetty : with 42000 square meters sheltered warehouse is able to have the vessels berth
International Airport
Konarak airport is the only airport which connects CFZ to the other airports. This airport is located in 20 Kilometers far from CFZ. At present , the regular flights from Tehran and other big cities and United Arab Emirates have facilitated a very permanent and suitable air bridge for passengers. As a matter of fact , the operation of an international air port construction has already been started at the area NO : 8 of CFZ
Land Roads
By a well developed road network , Chabahar Trade and Industrial Free Zone has the access to the other neighboring countries as well as the Middle Asian states. The existence of transport terminal , with a capacity of receiving approximately 1000 trucks and lorries daily makes the transportation of different types of produced , imported or transited goods possible through the land roads
Information , Communication and Technology ( ICT )
Plans and objectives beyond Information, communication and technology of Chabahar Free Zone
To create conditions and adequate facilities for the development of private sector in the domain of ICT and to promote the technical knowledge and needed man powers for the companies so as to offer different types of electronic services in industries, tourism , petrol, gas and petrochemical in both CFZ and mainland , the most significant mission in this regard, is the technical office of ICT of CFZO

6) Investment Attraction and Opportunities
Privileges and Legal Facilities for Investors
Possibility of investment for foreign and domestic inventors to any extent
Guarantee of Foreign investment at the zone according to the inserted mechanism in the law of Free Zone
Repatriation of capital and profit gained from the economic activities
Exemption of 30 years Tax
Free to import machinery, spare parts, transport means, raw material, material for construction
Possibility in using the foreign well qualified man powers at the zone to the extent of 10 % of the unit staffs
Possibility in transit and re-export of goods without any limitation
Possibility of arrival of foreigners at the free zone without getting visa
Possibility in retail trade for foreign and domestic businessman
Lack of limitation in giving the land for large industrial projects
Exemption from the payment of custom duties for those goods produced at the zone and exported to the mainland in proportion of the added values and the exploited domestic materials
Release of the certificate of origin for those goods exported from the zone